The company is using Expander Method. In that first, the decorated (de hulled) cotton seed, i.e. Meal is cracket into small pieces through Cracker. Then it is sent to Steamer/Cooker wherein this meal is made soft and squeeze. In this process, the steam required is of about 90-100 Degree C only which will not disturb and deteriorate the color of the Oil as well as the Residue.

Next, the soft and squeezi meal is sent into Flakers to convert into Flakes. These flakes are then processes into Expander & Squeazamatic whereby oil of about 6-7% is recovered. This oil is not reddish oil and the residue also does not carry the dark color and importantly, this residue is still carrying worthy amount of valuable protein. which in conventional method not available up to the desired level to use the residue for animal feeding.

The residue from this Expander & Squeazamatic is then sent to Solvent Extraction Plant from wherein and whereby the balance content of oil there of is recovered at about 12%. Here, to recover the last drop of oil content which is about 12% into the inputs.