We can supply the best quality 100% Natural Cotton Linter. Our price is competitive and we assured of good cotton linters which can match your required specficiations, and standards. And, can take responsibility to any quality uncertainty. Presently, we are looking forward to more cooperation with overseas based on mutual profit. Our items comply with International Quality Standards and their quality and durability are fully guaranteed. Our factory can provide the most preferential profit to customers all over the world with competitive prices and high quality items.

Our production capacity is 1000 Metric ton/month We can export our 100% Natural Cotton Linter from our factory to other country.

1st Cut

1st cut cotton linters are always in best quality, B’cos both cotton linters products, 1st cut and 2nd cut produced from entirely different ways. 1st cut produced from “Cotton Ginning Industries”, in process of raw cotton in super cleaners, prior to press the bales. And, 1st cut cotton linter’s staples length is 5 to 10 mm maximum.

2nd Cut

2nd Cut produced from “Cotton Seeds Expelling Industries”, and from “Solvent or Oil Extractions plant” in the process in Delinted Machines., Lints removed from “Cotton Seeds” 2nd cut Cotton Linters produced, the staples length are 2 mm to 5 mm maximum

Cotton Linters are usually obtained by de linting ginned seeds. Cotton Linters are obtained in 2 stages and 1st Cut cotton linter have long fiber length than 2nd Cut cotton linters. Cotton Linters are very useful for paper board industry and thus wood pulp and other natural resources are saved.

Cotton short fiber is used for manufacturing specific types of cotton clothes, carpets, curtains, etx. Today each people require wearing their dresses. Therefore demand of cotton is too much and even it can be exported in other countries also. Moreover the cotton seed fibers are used as chemical fibers i.e. Viscose fibers, knitwear, bat wool, medical absorbent cotton, fine papers i.e. Blueprint for military use, bank notes, stamp, nitrated cellulose i.e. Smokeless powder, photographic films, cellelose acetate i.e. Paint, plastic, non-shattering glass, imitation wool etc. De lining is process of removal of short fiber from the cotton seeds oil before sent for oil extraction from cotton seeds.

The process perform in two stages

1. To pass cotton seeds through saw de linter machine which will remove substantial part of short cotton fiber

2. To Pass partially de Linter cotton seeds through brush de linter plan Cotton seeds generally comprise 6% short cotton fiber.

Technical Specification for 1st cut Cotton Linter

  • Appearance : cream white
  • Cotton length : 5mm to 10mm
  • Cotton diameter : 0.0205 - mm max
  • Insoluble matter(trash) : 10-15 %
  • Extra with water : 20%
  • Ash : 1.5% max
  • Moisture : 8.0%
  • Pentozen : 2.0%
  • Maturity1 : 75% min

Technical Specification for 2nd cut Cotton Linter

  • Appearance : blackish white
  • Moisture : 3%
  • Maturity1 : 75% min.
  • Sulphate acid-infusibility matter : 3-5%(+/-1)
  • Ash less than : 1.3% (+/0.2)
  • Iron less than : 250ppm (MG/KG)
  • Whiteness and appearance : correspond to The authorized samples
  • Length of staple : (2mm to 6mm)

Chemical Characteristics

  • Moistue : 7-8%
  • Ash : 1.5%
  • Alpha cellulose : 85% min.
  • Pentosan : 2%max
  • Extracting with water : 2% max
  • Extracting with Alsohol/Benzene(1/2)
  • L: 1% Max